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Printed circuits and membrane switches are among the latest, state-of-the art products manufactured by us. Tailor made to satisfy the needs of the customer. Each product is carefully designed by our professionals according to the needs of the customer. Each product is guaranteed to satisfy the customer and fullfil his needs in the best possible way. Printed circuits and membrane switches are manufactured in co-operation with the Cromtryck companies in Sweden.Preliminary planning, though, is always done in Finland by our professionals.  

13 503  plates with character...

It´s hard to find a plate that we are not able to make. Anything goes...from a little seat number to a sizable company logo type. In the course of the years we have made thousands and thousands of various kinds of plates and it´s our intention to keep up the good work. Plates printed in special inks, embossed metal plates, plastic plates, plates for tropical humidity, freezing temperatures, salty breeze of the oceans...Now, how can we help you? Do not hesitate to call us, it´s our job to realize your hopes - ordinary as well as extraordinary ones! The sky´s the limit!

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It takes more than sheer quantity to be succesful in business - actually it´s the quality  that counts. A high quality product with endurance like the super-closs plate of ours. Consumers know the glossy surface from the bonnets of brand new cars.We welcome also the routines performed by the screen printing process, both small and big ones. Our aim is to join with our customers in fullfilling their wishes and finding the best possible solution for each and everyone of them. We are at your service offering you our unmatched expertise and experience of decades for the best of your company.      

The company Oy Kromipainoteollisuus Industri Ab Cromtryck, established in 1946 as Cromtryck Ab, is one of the leaders in the branch.We have developed the so-called chrome printing method which is based on the traditional screen printing process making manufacture of individualistic high quality products possible. No matter what our customers need - a visitcard or a printed circuit - it is a high quality product with a state-of-the art design for demanding circumstances that he is looking for. It´s our job to fullfil his needs in the best possible way by taking advantage of our experience of several decades and the latest technology of the branch.  
We are looking forward to having the pleasure of giving you further information about our products and our work with the top level products of the printing  industry. Perhaps we can help you, too? 


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